How it all started....

Like most people, we enjoy a good nature program. Especially if its to do with the sea and its hosted by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. After being immersed and amazed in the latest series of the Blue Planet, we decided as a couple, that we wanted to try out Scuba, so that we could actually experience for ourselves the feeling and sensation of being able to view so many species in their own natural environment.

After much saving and planning. Claire and I visited my beautiful home country of Thailand. As this was Claire's very first visit to my wonderful country, we started in the capital city of Bangkok. It didn't take long for Claire to fall in love with Thailand. We visited all the usual touristy places which cannot be missed, like the Grand Palace with its golden spires and ornate and colorful carvings and paintings. The Emerald Buddha, which was in it's golden winter attire shroud, the jaw dropping Sleeping Buddha as well as going for a fun ride on the canal in a long tail.

The best was yet to come!

For the second stage of our visit to Thailand, we flew to the southern tropical shores of Phuket and so our Scuba adventure began with Sea Fun Divers, Phuket! As arranged, we were collected directly from our resort in the morning by minibus to where we were to learn the basics of Scuba, under the fantastic tuition of Kenny Rotger. The pool sessions, although essential, were absolutely hilarious. Especially when it came to blowing out the snorkel! I apologize to those passers by, who I managed to get wet by accident! Once we were comfortable with the confined sessions, we were then given the all clear for the following day to start our open water sessions.


Each dive was more amazing than the next! So many wonderful colors of different types of corals and fish. It's truly like being in another world!

A world that Claire & I have fallen in love with and wish to share with you all.

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