Diving Phi Phi Islands for the 1st time......

Our first dives in Phi Phi were back in January, 2018........Woah!.....What an introduction to diving from a boat into open waters!

We couldn't have asked for anything more!

From the moment we left the dock in Phuket , the anticipation and excitement that both Claire and I felt was hard to keep under control. However, the hour long boat journey to the dive site helped immensely by distracting us with the fantastic views from deck as we headed towards our first site.

Before long, we had arrived at our first dive site: Phi Phi, Koh Bida Nok - West

Time for the briefing up on deck, where we were shown on a scaled map where we would be diving, the route we would be taking, points of interest and general procedures whilst diving.

Now fully briefed, it was time time to put on our scuba gear, perform our final safety checks and jump into the blue!

Absolutely Amazing! With so many different kinds of species of fish, corals and anemone. The colors were absolutely breathtaking! Everywhere you looked, you couldn't help but feel in awe of such beauty.

The feeling of weightlessness and being at one with your surroundings is something that only those who Scuba or are possibly in a space program get to feel!

Admittedly, being our first dives into open water our air didn't last too long and it was soon time for our 3 min safety stop! Then we were back on the boat, both of us totally awe struck and bursting to share with each other our experiences!

We counted down the clock of our surface interval, took on more coffee and butter biscuits to refuel, then it was time to go again!

Phi Phi, Koh Bida Nok - East!

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